Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Session One November 1, 2013

We gathered both classes together in the "Think Tank Room" to introduce Think Tank and the thinking dispositions we will be focusing on this year. The session was guided by the question: "What are Habits of Mind?"We wanted to find out students' background knowledge and awareness of the 15 Habits of Mind. Students brainstormed and gathered ideas through structured partner talk and then travelled through the Concept Carousel, adding ideas, thoughts and images about the 15 Habits of Mind.

The kids were fairly engaged. There was varying understanding of what Habits of Mind are and whether or not they were using them. 

Next, we presented them with introductory assessment (a paragraph and a checklist) on their understanding of Habits of Mind and their use of Habits of Mind. 

What a fun first session! The kids (and the teachers) were eager to move forward. 

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  1. Amazing .. my kid is ext lucky to be part of this.
    Thank you.