Friday, 31 January 2014

Session Nine: Setting Criteria

Posted by Lindsay

Part 1 of 2
Part 1: Building Criteria

Part 1: After mulling over the students' reflections over the past months, Joy and I were beginning to think that the were not 'reflecting' the level of deep thinking we felt we were observing.
We have committed to using reflective writing as the method of capturing student learning and thought now was the time to build some solid criteria.

The Task: Previous refection writing samples were used as a template for building our criteria. We highlighted one portion of each students' sample. When the students met as a group, they used partner talk to discuss why their portion was highlighted. When students reported out, they were able to articulate why they thought their sample was 'good'. Based on what the students said we came up with two headings:  'qualities of writing' and 'form and conventions'

The students' samples were used as the proof for good reflective writing.  Now that we have the criteria set, we are ready to hit the 'Tank' again and practice some reflective writing!

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