Sunday, 2 February 2014

Session Ten: OK. Why?

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Part 2 of 2: OK. Why?

After spending some quality time building criteria for reflective writing, the students were ready to hit the Think Tank again. This session was guided by the statement/question: 'OK. Why' and focussed on the Habit of Mind: Supporting Ideas with Reasons Why. This lesson was the perfect tie-in to the previous lesson where the students had fittingly generated a portion of criteria called: 'Supports Ideas With Reasons Why'.

Our opening circle was guided by the question; why? Anyone who has raised a toddler, has a toddler or knows a toddler knows how they are experts at asking the question 'why'.  They can be very persistent in asking this question until they are satisfied with the answer. I challenged the students to be that 'insisting toddler' and ask the question 'why' to their partner as they worked on their inquiry project.
Once students began working with the bins, I noticed a lot of questioning going on. Hopefully, this will transfer to their reflective writing.

These students conquered the 'Impossible Spiral'

3-D Tic-Tac-Toe…trickier than it looks!

Working together on 'Stop-Motion Animation'
 After each class worked separately on the inquiry bins, we met back in the 'Think Tank' for our Reflection Session and writing. We kicked things off with a little 'mindful breathing'.

Yes, meditation with 50 nine and ten year olds can happen on a Friday afternoon!
Then, it was time to write! During the writing process, many students referenced the two criteria charts that were created the previous day. All students appeared engaged and successful in the writing process.

Some students benefited from scribing from an adult to get ideas on paper. Others still required guiding and prompting however, this seems to be decreasing. We were very impressed at the content of what the reflective writing. Our next step will be to have the students evaluate their own writing and provide the 'proof' in their writing. 

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